The Nature of the Beast

The Nature of the Beast

Knygą The Nature of the Beast


Išleista: 2001

Puslapiai: 280

ISBN: 9780316857451

Formatas: 15 x 23, minkšti viršeliai

Kalba: Anglų

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Different people react to disasters in different ways. But why would Amy Petty want the world to presume her dead?

Fate is not alone in deciding who lives and who dies after the crash of a train travelling from Kent to London. One passenger uses the opportunity to commit a murder. Another — the blonde and beautiful Amy Petty — uses the accident as an opportunity to leave her life behind….

Is it because Amy’s husband is currently embroiled in a libel action against a national newspaper? Douglas Petty, a former barrister, is rich, charismatic and evil tempered: he runs a dog sanctuary in a brutally eccentric manner. Amy is his star witness: without her, his reputation faces ruin. Or maybe it isn’t the present that Amy is running from. Maybe it is the past….

The Nature of the Beast is mesmerizing. A brooding thriller of truth, betrayal and human instinct, it is Frances Fyfield at her most thrilling best.

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